A History of Gin Tasting Pack 6x25ml

A History of Gin Tasting Pack 6x25ml

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Gin is now more popular than ever but it’s not always been our tipple of choice. This tasting pack explores gin’s history in the U.K., from our first encounters with Dutch Genever to our more recent obsession with syrupy sweet liqueurs. 

The Tasting Pack Includes:  

1 x 25ml Bols Genever  
1 x 25ml Crabbies 1891 Old Tom Gin  
1 x 25ml Darnley’s Navy Strength Gin 
1 x 25ml Cadenhead’s Classic Gin   
1 x 25ml Wild Island Distiller’s Cut Gin  
1 x 25ml Persie Dachshund Gin Liqueur 
1 x mini pack of peanuts 

An information sheet including suggested serves for all the gins (including some authentic serving suggestions), some tasting tips, our tasting notes, a little about each of the spirits and a little about the historical context in which this style of gin came to be.  

All you need to get is your mixers, garnishes & ice! 

If you’d like any further information about the contents of the tasting pack or you would like more information on any of the samples included, please drop us a message on shop@thegrail.scot 

Happy tasting!!