International Gins Tasting Pack 5x25ml

International Gins Tasting Pack 5x25ml

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Scotland makes SO many tasty gins sometimes it’s difficult to see past our botanically rich shores. HOWEVER during this tasting we’re going to do just that and venture out of Scotland to some gin producers further afield. You won’t need a passport, just a comfy seat, a glass and some ice!

This Tasting Pack Includes:  

1 x 25ml Rutte Celery Gin (Netherlands)
1 x 25ml Yu Gin  (France)
1 x 25ml Few American Gin (Illinois, USA)
1 x 25ml Roku Gin (Japan)   
1 x 25ml Brookie’s Slow Gin  (Australia)
1 x mini pack of peanuts 

An information sheet including suggested serves for all the gins, some tasting tips, our tasting notes, a little about each of the spirits.

All you need to get is your mixers, garnishes & ice! 

If you’d like any further information about the contents of the tasting pack or you would like more information on any of the samples included, please drop us a message on