Scottish Spirits Tasting Pack

Scottish Spirits Tasting Pack

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Scotland is probably best know for whisky and increasingly for gin too.  However our distilling talents go beyond this!  Try a selection of drinks distilled and/or matured in Scotland produced by Scottish companies with this tasting pack. 

This Tasting Pack Includes:  

1 x 25ml Scottish Vodka*
1 x 25ml Scottish Gin*
1 x 25ml Scottish Rum*
1 x 25ml Scotch Whisky*
1 x 25ml Scottish Tequila*
1 x 25ml Scottish Liqueur*
A Snack/Palate Cleanser for the Journey 
An information sheet including suggested serves for all the drinks, some tasting tips, our tasting notes and a little about each of the spirits.

*If you have chosen the 5x25ml tasting pack, please let us know which drink you would like to exclude from the pack. 

All you need to get is your mixers, garnishes & ice! 

If you’d like any further information about the contents of the tasting pack or you would like more information on any of the samples included, please drop us a message on 

Happy tasting!!

Please note this tasting is subject to change depending on availability.